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About SelectQuote Auto & Home Insurance

It’s on the mind of millions of families:  how do we save money while attaining the best insurance possible?

Enter SelectQuote Insurance Services, which was established in 1985 to provide Americans with unbiased comparisons of insurance rates. There’s no cutting corners at SelectQuote. All of the insurance rates and options come from highly rated carriers, giving you peace of mind that you’re dealing with the best.

Since its inception, SelectQuote has helped more than a half-million families save millions of dollars on term life insurance. SelectQuote Auto & Home is now renowned for its history of excellence in the auto and home insurance markets, and it’s the type of knowledge that can help you save both time and money when searching for the right insurance plan.

Not sold yet? Here are a handful of reasons to buy your auto and home insurance through SelectQuote Auto & Home Insurance Services:

  1. The savings.  Are you hoping to pad your bank account or trim your monthly expenses? We comparison shop all of the highly rated auto and home insurance companies we work with to find you the best plan and price. There’s no hidden agenda:  SelectQuote provides you with impartial choice.

  2. Our expertise.  All SelectQuote agents are licensed auto and home insurance professionals dedicated to saving you time and money. We put your individual needs on the forefront and guarantee that your insurance quote will be as accurate as possible.

  3. The choices.  You won’t find any subpar insurance providers behind our doors. We’ll provide you with multiple rates and coverage options from a wide range of carriers, helping you be a more informed buyer.

  4. The convenience.  In the same time that it takes a traditional agent to acquire a quote from just one insurance carrier, we will present you with multiple rates and coverage options from a variety of carriers, saving you valuable time while lessening the burden of tracking down information from separate carriers.

  5. The personal attention.  SelectQuote prides itself on providing the type of personal attention that you’d expect from a neighborly agent. The major difference is that no salesperson will ever inconvenience you by coming to your home. You can deal with any helpful SelectQuote agent over the phone at your own convenience.