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3 easy ways to enhance home safety

October 22, 2014

Nobody gets in touch with a home insurance agency because they expect something bad to happen to their properties—they do it because it's smart. Investing in affordable home insurance means protecting possessions and reducing potential financial burden.

Fortunately, purchasing a policy isn't the only way homeowners can protect themselves and their families. A few simple changes here and there can boost your home safety and make protecting what matters to you that much easier.

Something as small as the batteries in your smoke alarm can make a big difference for home safety.

Get to know your neighbors

Fancy alarm systems and tough door locks may seem like the best way to keep a home secure, but oftentimes, having the ability to rely on those around you can be even better. After all, doesn't it make sense to have the people next door keeping an eye on your home? If they see anything suspicious or dangerous, you want to have the kind of relationship that would lead them to call you and let you know.

Also, next time you go on vacation, having neighbors who are willing to check up on your home will help you enjoy your time away without worrying about your property.

Leave wisely

Speaking of taking time away, it's when you leave your home unattended for long periods of time that it's at the most risk. Not only is no one there to take care of any issues that may pop up, but unattended properties are prime targets for burglars.

However, a little forward planning and common sense can help you keep your home safe. First, don't broadcast that you're gone to everyone. Making it look as if someone is still home, whether through automated lights or by having a neighbor pick up any fliers or packages that arrive on your front doorstep, will go a long way.

Don't forget the little things

Sometimes it's the smallest things—right down to the tiny latch on your window—can keep your home the safest.

For instance, when was the last time you checked the batteries in your smoke detector? Having functional batteries could mean the difference between being made aware of a fire quickly enough to put it out and seeing your property go up in flames.

Meanwhile, a burned out light bulb in your stairway can make it harder to see where you're going and prevent a fall.

Staying up to date on home maintenance, even the little things, will keep you and your home safer.