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4 ways young drivers can lower insurance rates

March 27, 2015

Young drivers typically pay the most out of any age group for car insurance, and there's a reason behind it. The less experience someone has driving, the more likely they are to get into an accident. Much of that experience comes with age, so a 16-year-old with no existing driving record is more likely to be involved in a collision than someone who's been driving for 20 years. The good news is there are several ways for young drivers to lower those high auto insurance rates.

Follow these steps to lower car insurance rates for your teen driver.

1. Get married

A recent survey showed that a 20-year-old who is married will pay 21 percent less on auto insurance than a person of the same age who is single. That's not to say lowering your car insurance is reason enough to get married, but it is definitely a perk for young newly weds. Statistics show that singles get into more accidents than married couples, making married couples less of an insurance risk. Haven't found “the one" yet? Not to worry—car insurance rates lower with every birthday, too.

2. Good-student discounts

An arguably easier (and more practical) alternative to planning a wedding is studying for school. By hitting the books and showing academic responsibility, some high school or college students might be entitled to a good-student discount with their insurance company. Acceptable grade point averages and grade levels vary between insurance providers, so make sure to find out if you qualify.

3. Take driver safety courses

Teens can lower their rates by completing driving courses with a qualified organization. Not only will this lessen the amount of money being dished from your pocket, but it should provide young drivers with skills to help them and everyone else stay safer on the road. That's the concept behind why insurance companies offer a discount for taking the class. Ask your insurance provider if this discount could apply to your young driver, and what specific classes they accept.

4. Pay as you drive

Teens, and most any drivers for that matter, can enroll in a pay-as-you-drive program for possible insurance discounts. This discount plan involves plugging a device into your car that monitors driving habits such as speed, how often you slam on the brakes, your mileage, the time of day that you drive, turns you take and acceleration patterns. However, insurance companies don't necessarily monitor each of these aspects. Some monitor less than others, but the concept is the same. The safe driving equals more discounts.

Though the insurance rates for young drivers are the highest, they have many tools at their disposable to keep it affordable. Following these tips both lowers car insurance rates and promotes safe driving.