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An energy-efficient home will keep money in your pocket

December 3, 2014

Keeping up with the times by making your home energy efficient is advantageous for many reasons besides being trendy. An energy-efficient home can help you save money and come out ahead in the long run. Sure, energy-efficient appliances are more expensive and you may feel such a large investment isn't worth the price, but implementing energy-efficient technology is rewarding in the long run.

An energy-efficient home will keep money in your pocket.

Consider the following reasons why an energy-efficient home is better for you:

  • Less energy consumption means smaller bills:  From dishwashers to light bulbs, having appliances that use less energy will help you keep your bills smaller. Additionally, these appliances use fewer resources, so they're great for your wallet and the planet. For instance, by switching to low-flow faucets, you can reduce your water consumption by up to 50 percent. Imagine all the water you'd save if low-flow was applied to all of your water fixtures, which means all the water you wouldn't be paying for. Simpler fixes such as light bulbs work the same. Energy-efficient light bulbs are more expensive, and when you are standing in an aisle and looking only at prices, you may not see the immediate point. But when your energy-efficient lights last considerably longer and your electric bill is lower, you'll be glad you made the upgrade.
  • Insulation helps the house preserve heat or coolness:  Your home is probably insulated, as winter would be too cold and summer too warm without insulation. But how new is your insulation? Do you have drafts coming from your attic or garage? These are things to consider. Insulation is an easy way to keep your home at a comfortable temperature year round. Insulation doesn't only keep air out, but it also keeps your warmth in. The same can be said for new windows. Seal up your drafts, keep your optimal temperature and save money in the long run.
  • Future buyers will be grateful:  Whether you are planning to move in the near future or not, future buyers will certainly consider the fact that your home makes optimal use of energy. Homebuyers want their purchases to be up to date. If someone looks at your home, it old windows and appliances and your energy bills are high, that is a cost they are going to have to deal with. Chances are they will turn away if they can find an efficient comparable home.
  • Energy efficiency matters to insurance companies:  Insurance companies are often more favorable when it comes to insuring a home that makes use of modern technology. Having modern, energy-efficient technology demonstrates to the company this house is being cared for and will have less risk, as the appliances meet the most up-to-date regulations and standards, both for energy consumption and safety.

When it comes to investing in your home, energy efficiency is the way to go. Keep your bills low, home insurance affordable and home comfortable for yourself and future residents.