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Be safe on Black Friday

November 26, 2014

There are many people who will spend the Friday morning after Thanksgiving to relax and sleep in, especially when considering the size of the feast on the holiday before. There are others who will set their alarms and take to the early shopping rush, trying to get the most out of the Black Friday discounts. If you plan on participating in the shopping extravaganza this Friday, be careful, as it can be as dangerous as beneficial.

Black Friday brings out many shoppers and potential dangers.

Many hurried drivers on the road

You are already aware there will be extremely long lines and impatient people waiting, even shoving, to get inside when the doors open. This is as true for parking lots and roads as well. All those shoppers need to get to the stores somehow, and with that many drivers on the road accidents, are bound to happen. People will have all kinds of things on their minds the morning after the holiday, but hurrying to get those maximum discounts is sure to be on the forefront.

However, there are more dangers affiliated with Black Friday than just hurried drivers. In fact, Time reported that 12 percent of Black Friday shoppers will be under the influence of alcohol while they take part in the early shopping adventure. This is a huge risk increase for not only those people choosing to drink, but also for those sharing the road or parking lot. When you are driving or parking, be aware of others on the road. Just because you are driving safe doesn't mean everyone else is. Be careful.

Car thefts

A rise in the number of drivers is not the only cause for concern on Black Friday. Car theft is a serious issue as well. The chances of your car being stolen increases, and so does the risk of it being broken into and the gifts taken from within.

Car thieves know that consumers will spend hours waiting in lines at various stores throughout the morning. Additionally, these consumers may already have expensive purchases from previous stores. That leaves many vehicles unattended in parking lots full of many gifts and creates many opportunities for car thieves.

However, if your gifts are stolen from your back seat or trunk, this doesn't necessarily mean they are covered by your current auto insurance policy. Before embarking on your holiday shopping spree, check your policy and see if it worth leaving your gifts in the car. If you find they aren't covered from theft, maybe it is time to get a few quick insurance quotes and update your policy or add an additional policy for the holiday season.

You don't want to spend the entire time you are waiting in line on Black Friday worrying about the condition of your vehicle or gifts in the trunk. Take comfort in having an insurance policy you know will keep you and all your purchases covered. Be safe this holiday season, be covered and worry less.