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Did you know home insurance can cover yard damage?

May 10, 2016
If part of your yard becomes damaged, home insurance may be able to cover the costs of repairing it.

Your home insurance policy is not only meant to protect the interior and exterior of the main residential structure on your property. Home insurance can also provide coverage to the area on your property surrounding your home as well, namely, your yard.

There are several elements of your yard that a traditional home insurance policy may cover. According to NerdWallet, standard home insurance typically covers covers damage to equipment, unattached structures like a garage, fence or gazebo, and landscaping. In addition, home insurance may be able to cover the cost of removing fallen trees or shrubs.

"Your coverage limitations will depend on your specific policy.”

Coverage limitations

Of course, your coverage will have limitations, which will depend on the type of policy you have taken out. For example, NerdWallet explained standard home insurance generally covers the re-landscaping of your yard after it has been damaged, but this is true only if the damage occurred under specific circumstances. These circumstances include lightning, fire, explosions, malicious mischief, vandalism and harm caused by a vehicle that does not belong to the homeowner.

When it comes to removing fallen trees or shrubs, home insurance will only cover those costs if they have hit an insured structure on your property.

With regards to landscaping, the American Institute of CPAs said home insurance policies tend to provide a coverage limit per each destroyed or damaged item. If, for example, that limit was $300, the policy would pay the beneficiary up too $300 for each item that needed to replaced or repaired. In addition, a home insurance policy will usually have a limit on how much landscaping damage it will cover per incident.

For unattached structures, most standard policies will cover costs of damage of up to about 10 percent of the overall coverage on the home.

Your coverage limitations will depend on your specific policy. Make sure you ask a lot of questions and understand exactly what you're covered for when you obtain your home insurance. That way, if your policy leaves something important out, you can be sure to obtain additional coverage. It is imperative you do not wait until your yard has been damaged to find out if you're home insurance policy can help shoulder some of the repair costs. Contact your insurance company today. In addition, make sure to spend time comparison shopping to find out whether you are getting the best possible coverage at the best possible rates.