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Getting the best deal on roadside assistance

February 23, 2017
Car owners should consider looking into roadside assistance.

You think you can make it to the next exit to get gas, but you don't make it. You're left stranded on the side of the highway and need help. In this situation, and many others, roadside assistance comes in handy. While some utilize third-party providers like the American Automobile Association, also known as AAA, other car owners have the coverage built into their insurance.

Let's look at how people can find the get the best deal on roadside assistance:

Investigate what's included

You never know what kind of situation you're going to find yourself in, so make sure the offerings of your auto insurance provider meet as many potential needs as possible. According to the Christian Science Monitor, car owners will want to be covered for:

  • Flat tires.
  • Dead batteries and the accompanying jump starts.
  • Winching, or getting the vehicle unstuck.
  • Being locked out.
  • Fuel delivery.

If you're looking to get roadside assistance from your insurer, make sure the provider covers these things—at the very least. This benefit will often come as a monthly payment as part of your regular premium.

"Automakers sometimes provide roadside assistance in warranties for new and used cars.”

Look into automakers' warranties

It's entirely possible for automobile manufacturers to provide a warranty for some new and used cars that includes roadside assistance. It tends to cover car owners who get locked out of their vehicles, run out of gas or need a tow. It's important to be mindful that the tow may only include a ride to the nearest dealership, according to Money Talks News.

Cell-phone plans

Some mobile providers have begun offering roadside help as well. The catch is that the plan will only cover whoever has the phone at the time. That means if your car breaks down, the mobile device has to be in your possession to take advantage of the assistance, according to Consumer Reports. These policies are worth looking into, especially for car owners on a budget or ones already in a contract with certain providers.

No matter if you're accident prone or have never experienced car trouble before, it's always smart to have a backup plan. There are many avenues car owners can explore to find the best auto insurance policy for their needs. The addition of roadside assistance makes all the difference.