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Helpful apps for the smart insurance customer

June 9, 2015

Finding the perfect auto insurance plan or the right home insurance agency can be complicated. There is so much competition in the market, it can be tricky trying to differentiate between everything that is out there. Even when they attempt to distinguish themselves, many plans end up sounding similar in the end.

There are many applications out there that can be of assistance for insurance customers.

One way insurance companies try to catch the eyes of customers is through applications for cellphones and tablets. Using these tools can be helpful, but not every app is created equally. Some have specific features that may help customers, while others have issues that make them complicated to use.

Along with apps from the insurance companies, there are many additional programs that drivers and homebuyers should look for in order to make the insurance process easier. Here are some features and recommendations worth keeping in mind when analyzing different insurance applications.

  • Many applications will go through the steps of what to do in case of an auto accident, but the best apps allow you to actually fill out and submit the required insurance forms straight from your digital device. This lets you file a claim right when an incident takes place so that your insurance agent is able to handle the rest. An example of this type of app is Accord One.
  • Several phones already have note applications, but advanced ones, such as NotePad or NoteShelf, can be of great help to customers. Not only can you write down details or information, such as a question you may want to pose to your agent next time you see them, but this app also allows users to integrate photos and videos into their written text. Additionally, if dictating is easier, many note apps have the option of saving audio files instead.
    Some apps work better for insurance customers than others. There are several applications out there that can be useful for insurance customers.
  • Resources like Zillow and Redfin can help customers looking for property. While it is still valuable to use a home insurance agency, these apps can help show homes on the market with up-to-date information. Using tools like this also can allow potential buyers to see the standard market price for other comparable homes or condos in the area and determine if the listed price for the place they are looking at is fair.
  • For those in the market for a used vehicle, the Carfax and Kelly Blue Book apps can be terrific resources. These tools allow users to see the history of the car or truck they are considering purchasing, including the current mileage and whether it has been involved in any prior accidents. Using these also can help buyers avoid being overcharged, as they provide the listings of similar types of vehicles that are for sale.
  • Following an auto accident or a problem with a home, many insurance agents will recommend specific services—such as a mechanic or plumber—to their clients. But for those who want to shop around and find their own help, apps such as Yelp will be extremely helpful. There, users can search for exactly the type of service they want depending on location and convenience and read reviews from other customers.