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Protect your home during storm season

April 1, 2015

The spring season is upon us, which means that dangerous weather is quickly approaching. There are risks associated with all types of storms, especially thunderstorms and tornadoes. A home is meant to protect your family from natural disasters, but is your house able to withstand the fierce power of mother nature? Home insurance might provide financial protection for your house, but nothing can replace your peace of mind. Follow these tips for preparing your home against strong weather this spring:

Don't let the fear of storms rain on your spring.

Modifications to your home

Tornado-proofing a home would necessitate concrete walls and steel doors, which isn't practical for any living situation, especially since tornadoes aren't a daily occurrence. While constructing a safe room in your home with these materials would sufficiently protect your family, it leaves you to worry about the rest of the house and whether or not the construction will withstand the storm.

Fortunately, there are ways homeowners can protect their houses from severe storms that don't require such intense construction. During storms and tornadoes, home damage is typically caused by flying debris rather than the wind itself (though the wind can be quite detrimental to a home). One way to reduce chances of debris hitting your home is by removing it from your yard. Branches are especially susceptible to catching strong winds and crashing into your home, so make sure anything loose or hanging dangerously close to your home is trimmed off. Consider removing trees from your yard that are dead and less secure at the roots. Rocks might also cause damage if they are blown into your home. Combat this issue by using wood chips instead of gravel in your landscaping projects.

Admittedly, these modification won't ensure 100 percent protection against an EF5 tornado, but they certainly lessen the risk of damage to your home. Simple home safety tricks could save you from having to file claims with your insurance company.

Understand your insurance policy

If your home does get damaged, let that be the only shock you experience. Don't let unexpected coverage cracks creep up on you, especially during an emergency. Revisit your policy to ensure that you fully understand its coverage. In order to make the claims process move more efficiently, keep a running inventory of the items in your home at all times. Whenever you purchase a new TV or receive an expensive piece of jewelry, be sure to keep track of it so you can be fully compensated for anything lost in a storm.

Your home is your family's first line of defense during storm season, so make sure it's strong enough to protect you.