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Safety first this holiday weekend

July 2, 2015

The Fourth of July is upon us, and that means celebrating. However, it is easy to get carried away on Independence Day, as people have the day away from the office and have certainly been making arrangements for some time about getting together with family and friends.

Celebrate in safety this year.

But before you rush into purchasing whichever fireworks are legal in your area and firing up the grill, make sure you have taken the proper safety precautions. Whether you are hosting a party at your home, driving to another or going downtown for the fireworks, make sure safety is on your mind.

Keep an eye on the kids

Most children are thrilled by the idea of fireworks and want so badly to take part in the action. If fireworks are on your agenda for the holiday, make sure you attend an official firework show where an organization has taken the necessary precautions to keep onlookers safe.

"Even 'kid-friendly' fireworks should be supervised by adults.”

There are certainly fireworks, or variations of, that are safe for children, but they must be supervised by adults. If you are going to let your young child play with or be around fireworks, the general rule is that if the firework leaves the ground, then it isn't suitable. But even then, a parent should use best judgment in what a child is allowed to play with. For instance, sparklers have been a long-time favorite of kids everywhere, but they are not without accidents. Sparklers have been known to burn children and adults alike, even causing homes to burn down. While home insurance may protect your home, it won't keep your family or guests from injuries.

Keep an eye on the kids and make sure they get the most out of the holiday, but that they do so safely.

Drinking should be kept to a minimum?

Celebration is usually affiliated with beverages, but when it comes to alcohol, fireworks and traveling in one day, you need to be smart. But this goes beyond you. Just because you haven't had anything to drink and are confident on the road, doesn't mean there aren't others out there who are being as responsible as you.

Sometimes people get carried away when they are among friends and in a celebratory mood. But with outdoor grills and fireworks in the mix, you should keep the alcohol to a minimum.

If you are hosting the party this year, make sure you provide plenty of beverages that don't contain alcohol. Additionally, have plenty of water on hand. Not only is water crucial for hydration, it can also be used if a problem occurs involving a firework.

Sparklers can be fun, but they can also be dangerous.Sparklers can be fun, but they can also be dangerous.

Many ways to celebrate?

July Fourth isn't limited to fireworks and backyard parties. In fact, many people take road trips to see American landmarks, while others might decide to take the weekend and go camping. Whatever your plan might be, keep it safe. When on the road, look out for others drivers and make sure you have a lively companion in the front seat. If camping, be aware of your bonfire. Don't put your tent too close and make sure you have the burning wood contained within its pit.

However, when camping, fireworks are absolutely not a good idea. In at atmosphere that is surrounded by wood and leaves, one firework going astray can be a major problem. Camping can be a great way to spend Independence Day, just be respectful of the area, the other campers and play it safe.

Celebrate in good fun

Don't miss out on the Fourth of July. It is a day of rejoicing and remembering our freedoms as Americans. However, don't let those freedoms go too far and create problems for you or for others. Play by the rules and remember that safety is a priority this holiday weekend.

Happy Fourth of July.