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The holidays remind us why auto insurance is necessary

November 20, 2014

The holidays are a time of shopping, gathering and celebrating. While it is a joyous occasion and often shows the best side of people, it can also bring out the crankiness of being stuck in traffic. Relax this season and let the holidays serve as a reminder for why auto insurance is necessary.

Also, remember having auto insurance doesn't mean you are safe from the adverse affects of busy roads during the holidays. Your premiums can still change based on your driving record, so it is especially important that you be mindful of what is going on not only in your car, but the cars surrounding you as well.

Keep yourself safe this holiday season with careful driving habits and your auto insurance premiums as low as you can.

Roads are often dangerous during holiday travel.

Traffic is terrible

If you are traveling this holiday season to be with friends or loved ones, you can't avoid the bumper to bumper traffic that seems to tie up all the highways across the country. But an increased number of vehicles on the roads doesn't just create an environment of moving slowly. It means accidents. It is a fact that accident rates increase over the holidays. These rates aren't only because of the volume of cars on the road, but the weather conditions as well. Depending on where you are going or coming from, you may run into rain, snow and even ice. Take it slow on these roads and reach your destination safely.

Holidays are favorites for car thieves

Thieves don't rest on holidays. The increased number of vehicles brings with it more vehicle break ins. This is not always something you can avoid, as you can't keep an eye on your car at all hours of the day. However, you can protect yourself from being financially crippled by having auto insurance. Don't let thieves win. Make sure your auto insurance is up to standard and feel confident when you lock the doors and walk away from your car.

Parking lots are packed

In addition to the roads being a cluttered mess, store parking lots certainly will be crowded. You will see people rushing around, and maybe distractedly checking their phones while looking for open spots. The chances of your car being hit, scraped or dented increase in these instances. Sure, these situations aren't typically as severe as highway accidents or vehicle theft, but they can affect your insurance rates, especially if you are in your car or at fault.

Don't be afraid to enter busy parking lots, but don't be too confident either. Like highway driving, take your time and wait until you find a parking spot. Don't force your way into a space or wonder if the tow-zone is really taken seriously during the holidays. Yes, it is.

Insurance is in place for emergencies, which you want to avoid all together. Be cautious on dangerous or cluttered roads and pay attention when driving this holiday season.