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Trends in home security

July 7, 2015

Home security is nothing new, but it's changing its face lately as the role of technology expands. Now door alarms and smoke detectors are only a fraction of the security roles within the home. Additionally, these new technologies are not difficult or expensive to install in your home. Modern technology has allowed for customizable security systems that can be easily controlled from your phone or tablet.

Home security is changing face.

In fact, connected-home devices are becoming increasingly popular, with shipments growing at an annual rate of 67 percent over the next five years, according to Business Insider. While these connected-home devices aren't limited to security systems, security features certainly make up a significant percentage of the growing number of devices.

If you are considering updating your home security system, there are some trends to keep in mind:

"Modern technology has allowed for customizable security systems.”


It used to be that security cameras were large and difficult to install, as they required wires to connect them to the home's electricity. This is no longer the case. Modern security cameras are small, wireless and can rotate to view many different angles, not to mention pick up audio, which was something the previous generation of cameras couldn't do as well.

These cameras can be viewed through a phone or tablet. This means that you can keep an eye on your home even when you are away from it.

Motion and audio sensors

Similar to cameras, sensors are now wireless and have evolved in their functionality. For example, sensors can pick up vibrations, whether on windows or doors, and sense sound as well. And now that sound is a capability of sensors, it allows for more accurate detection. Since sensors are smaller than they used to be, and can be tucked into just about anywhere without being an eyesore, they are no longer limited to the windows and doors. You can install home sensors anywhere to track movement.

Electronic door locks

While having the capability to lock and unlock your doors through your phone may seem unnecessary, there are significant advantages to it. For instance, if you are away from your home for the day, or on vacation, you can let in those who need access, such as a plumber or maid.

Likewise, perhaps you have a house sitter coming to keep an eye on things while you are out of town, but don't feel comfortable leaving a key under the doormat. Having an automatic lock system that you can access from an app will make you feel more in control about who is going in and out of your home while you aren't there.

By having everything connected, you can respond to emergencies quicker.By having everything connected, you can respond to emergencies quicker.

Leak detection systems

Fire alarms have been a staple of home safety for a long time, but there are many instances where water can cause just as much damage. Whether a leak ruins items you own or causes an outbreak of mold, knowing where leaks originate and stopping them is key.

Many people are installing leak detection systems that monitor humidity levels and make sure moisture stays in its designated pipes. With this type of technology, you can stay ahead of leaks and prevent water damage from becoming a serious problem.

By implementing modern technology, you can build up your home security without having to rewire your home and worry about installing bulky cameras. New tools have made it efficient to monitor your home no matter where you are, allowing you to be at ease and in control of your security efforts.

Also, some home insurance companies look kindly on safety features, possibly providing opportunities for reduced rates. Find out how much you can save by implementing modern safety tools and update your home's security today.